Montessori tweetalige kinderopvang

We started 2 Voices in 1996 in this beautiful building. The space is light, open and has a lovely garden which provides a very safe and beautiful environment for the children. It is a perfect place for our preschool. 2 Voices has grown from 9 children to approximately 36 in thirteen years. The two important aspects of our program being; the bilingual aspect and the Montessori philosophy.

Children at 2 Voices (ages 1-4) are in a "Sensitive Period for Language". Our bilingual environment attracts a lot of cosmopolitan parents, Amsterdam being an internationally orientated city. It is common for families to be using more than one language in the home environment, the children of 2 Voices have a multi-lingual start.

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The Montessori aspect of 2 Voices is a child centered learning philosopy, which teaches the love of learning in a creative and non-competetive environment. 2 Voices works in partnership with the parents; to help the child to help him/herself.