Studio 3000 hosts 2 events per year to celebrate the living aspect of jewellery: a Winter Salon and a Summer Salon.


Salon 3000 floats outside of the walls of museums and galleries, we offer an intimate peep into our daily workspace and an exclusive possibility to get your hands on new work.
In the context of unpretentious curiosity in each others practice and to break the elite circle around what is called ┬┤contemporary jewellery`, we invite interesting colleagues as well as artists from other fields, to show their work together with us. Our aim is to be reachable for locals and friends and for everyone who is interested in and shares our passion for materiality, magic and discussion.

For the wintersalon 2017 we invite Anna Norrgrann, jewellery maker from Gothenburg and Boris de Beijer, artist from Amsterdam.
The wintersalon 2017 coincides with Kostgewonnen Open Studio's.