Manifold Books No.9
Conversation Table
Riet Wijnen
September 7– October 12, 2019


As Riet pointed out to me, Manifold Books’ main architectural characteristic is a constellation of beams that are predominantly A-shaped. Pointing to language and ideas as formative to her use of the space. as in Alphabet, Attic, Abstraction, Activism. as in tAble. For Conversation Table a stacked sculpture of 16 monochromatic black tables will be installed, each elevating a smaller one. Bringing forth an image of tables as matrixes of domestic labour, gatherings and notes that are related to the recognition of abstract art. In its turn, abstract art has influenced the arrangements of our home interiors and workplaces.

The large woodcut printed from an incised tabletop foreshadows the making of a new sculpture of at least 16 incised tables as part of the cycle Sixteen Conversations on Abstraction. Each tabletop functioning as a noteblock, reflecting on the 16 fictive conversations on abstraction.

Manifold books