Once upon a time a little physicist called Barbara van der Zanden was determined to solve the worlds energy problem. She started a PhD in renewable energies and ended up supporting a fellow student with the startup of a small scale solar panel factory. When the first bricks where laid she decided her mission was completed, and it was time for her to play. She took out her sewing machine and started to create all the garments she alway wanted to have. People passing by in the streets would stop and ask where they could buy these creations so Barbara started selling her collections online and in shops. Even Marcel Wanders asked her to dress the employees of the “Andaz Amsterdam” 5 star hotel.

Barbara still holds on to the idealist inside her. The garments Barbara makes are durable. The materials are either organic or from old stock of larger brands. The transport is all C02 neutral, and the garments are handmade in Amsterdam in Barbara’s worksop that runs on solar power.
The garments you’ll find in this online shop are all available in limited edition. Only a few sizes are in stock, most will be made on demand. Therefore, you will never bump into a woman wearing the same garment again. Our small scale manufacturing also ensures that the items in this shop will never be on sale. And, of course, it minimises our waste and saves us money which keeps the garments reasonably priced.