Shailoh Philips

Art, nature and technlogy in the age of entanglement.

Studio Babel is a creative space for research, design and education. My work consists of three main clusters: research, art&design and education. I am constantly oscillating between academic research, artistic practice and developing technological tools. In my work learning and teaching are at the center where these fields intersect. My aim is to foster a critical and creative practice, using a deep understanding of digital technology to engage with art and popular culture. Education, and especially in the field of art, is not about ‘teaching’ people things, conveying information. The subtle and messy processes of learning are constantly taking place in each person: observing, questioning, connecting, analyzing, recalling, investigating, prototyping, copying. I am a strong believer of learning by doing. My work in education focuses on designing and facilitating environments that provide the optimal conditions for learning. That is, a safe, personal, challenging, stimulating, inviting environment, with room for play. I am dedicated to creating these conditions, first of all for myself. I am constantly learning, researching, wondering, making, sharing.